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Minimalist or traditional

Living area opened to patio.

Large size triple rail patio door, forge finished, with integrated pull bar, slightly mirror effect solar control glass. Maximum light and ventilation, ideal for kitchen and living space with full access to exterior.

  • Location: Adeje Golf
  • Specifications: Triple railed sliding door
  • Project Type: Private villa
  • Installation: 12 hours
  • Budget: 5.890,00 €*
Garage, doors and windows

Security roller shutter door.

Security roller store door, engine operated with double wall louvers and external unblocking system. Remote control operated with different patterns options (perspex, micro-ventilation, self-blocking, louvers).

  • Location: Adeje
  • Specifications: Aluminium door, high security
  • Project Type: Store
  • Installation: 6 hours
  • Budget: 2.980,00 €*
Light and isolation

Full light bathroom.

Big size fixed double skylights set, taylormade, low emissive, heat and solar control glass. Laminated, treated for security and comfort. Minimalist aluminium profile, with high insulation system.

  • Location: Callao Salvaje
  • Specifications: Thermal break, solar glass
  • Project Type: Private Villa
  • Installation: 8 hours
  • Budget: 3.230,00 €*
Classic and stylish

Romanesque style pool house doors.

Full openings refurbishment in pool house, replacing existing wooden doors by aluminium anodized arched doors. Special treatment for marine corrosive environment and elegant black matt finish.

  • Location: Puerto de la Cruz
  • Specifications: Double sash arched doors
  • Project Type: Private villa
  • Installation: 5 hours
  • Budget: 1.180,00 €*
Bioclimatic or plain structure

Freshness and shade.

Bioclimatic engine operated remote controlled pergola: slats position is adjustable to optimize sun filtering. Automatic wind sensor to open the slats and avoid sail effect. Integrated low heat and consumption led lighting.

  • Location: Playa Paraíso
  • Specifications: 3x3m white aluminum
  • Project Type: Penthouse terrace
  • Installation: 12 hours
  • Budget: 6.770,00 €*
Public and private projects

Contemporary light interior design.

Laminated toughened glass railing, fitted with stainless steel buttons in a two storey refurbished apartment. It combines resistance, security and lightness, resulting in a modern and minimalist design.

  • Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Specifications: Toughened glass stairs railings
  • Project Type: City apartment
  • Installation: 14 hours
  • Budget: 5.650,00 €*

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